Artist Statement

Calin Borbeli

Calin Borbeli

"In our today's busy lives, rushing from one thing to another, we forget to look around us and acknowledge the beauty around us.

This is why, every now and then you should slow down for a moment and immerse yourself into the breathtaking beauty of the creation.

I am a dreamer and I am really passionate about capturing inspirational landscapes, images with profound meaning that speak to your heart.

My images are known to give you a feeling of calm and serenity so you can create your own sanctuary where your walls become windows of inspiration.

I also believe that you should be able to enjoy these artworks for a very long time, so I did a lot of research in order to be able to give you a final artwork that you can actually see with no annoying glare and reflections, with UV protection and pigment inks to avoid fading, plus acid free materials for best preserving your artwork."

Artist Bio

Calin is an artist landscape photographer passionate about capturing inspirational landscapes, images with profound meaning that speak to you.

Originally from Romania, Calin moved to Australia in 2001 seeking change and adventure. Within a few years he had established himself as a professional civil engineer in a Sydney consulting firm.

With a successful career in civil engineering spanning for more than 23 years, Calin moved to Bellingen with his family at the end of 2013 and has since opened Calin Borbeli - Fine Art Landscape Photography Gallery, dedicating more of his time to pursue his long time passion that is capturing and bringing you inspirational landscapes encapsulating the beauty of our local area and beyond.

These precious moments deserve to be presented to you in a unique way that preserves the brilliance and the quality of the artwork for a much longer period than traditional methods because timeless satisfaction matters.

Photography Style

Calin at work

Calin at work

I prefer the early morning or evening light for capturing and really highlighting for you the beauty of the landscape.

​All my images are captured in RAW to preserve the quality of the sensor capture.

Similar to the good old days of film development, In order for the RAW files to be seen or printed they have to be developed in a RAW processor.

I use Adobe Camera Raw to develop the RAW files and CS6 to prepare the files for final printing and/or web display.

All my images go through a very thorough and completely colour managed processing workflow to ensure colour accuracy and to finally bring to you the highest quality of the final image.