Award Winning

See what professional judges liked so that you may find some inspiration for your collection. If you want to see the Awards click here.

Vision of Hope
Urunga NSW, Australia

A truly inspirational sunset over the lagoon, a breathtaking display of colour between the orange sunset light and the pink and purple afterglow.
New Beginnings
Urunga NSW, Australia

Incredible sunrise over the Urunga Boardwalk creating the vision of an inspirational path towards new beginnings.
Take Me Away
Long Jetty NSW, Australia

A lonely boat waiting by the jetty in the soothing sunset light, ready to take you away towards new life and salvation.
Magical Forest
Dorrigo NSW, Australia

Misty and magical forest and you can almost hear the sounds of the forest, the leaves and the birds.
Wenonah Head NSW, Australia

After the storm has passed, the warm sun and the soothing water gives the feeling of healing and restoration.
Full of Years
Bellingen NSW, Australia

Nostalgic feelings of the country life created by this old shed still showing its charm in the golden light of the sunset.
Magical Tree
Dorrigo NSW, Australia

Hidden deep into the forest is the ancient magical tree bringing back sweet childhood memories of mystery and adventure.
Rising Spirits
Gleniffer NSW, Australia

A fleeting moment when steam was rising after the storm clouds have passed, like spirits of the mountain rising up to heaven.
Remember The Promise
Wenonah Head NSW, Australia

The rainbow reminds us of the Promise that God has made us and the trust that we can always have in Him.
Pastoral Dream
Gleniffer NSW, Australia

Pure serenity of the country life illustrated in this dreamy image with a lonely cow peacefully grazing lush green grass on rolling hills with misty trees in background.
Pathway to Heaven
Norah Head NSW, Australia

Same as in life, we don't always take an easy path but definitely worth taking it as we will always have His guiding light.
Rapids and Falls
Wenonah Head NSW, Australia

Amazing layers of rock of different colours creating the illusion of a flowing river with rapids and falls.
South West Rocks NSW, Australia

Lots of mixed feelings in this image: tranquillity versus turbulence, happiness versus sadness, friendliness versus estrangement.
Sawtell NSW, Australia

A sunrise creating a burst of sun rays over the rocks, bringing life to this alien landscape and reminding us of the genesis.
The River
Wenonah Head NSW, Australia

Amazing layers of rock of different colours creating the illusion of a flowing river with rapids, rocks and white water.
The Titans
Venice, Italy

Contrast of calm and contained strength, like the Titans in chains waiting in silence to be unleashed at the gates of the city.
Triumphant Life
Terrigal NSW, Australia

In the constant battle between the ocean and the rocks, the sun rays pierce through the clouds and life is triumphant.